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<p id=”size1″ style=”font-size:15px;”>Endurans Construction has been established in istanbul in order to offer their approach at the point of engineering, consultancy and human services to customers.</p>

<p id=”size1″ style=”font-size:15px;”>Endurans construction is conducted by two experienced civil engineers graduated from Bogazici University, offer unique and customized solutions to every business customers at the point of care approach and exposes new ideas. We take care of getting out of Stereotypes ideas and self-development as well as to increase their job satisfaction. In addition, Pursuing its mission to provide innovative ideas, towards the customers’ needs, desires to find reliable and affordable solutions.</p>

<p id=”size1″ style=”font-size:15px;”>In case of no event shall adopt a one-sided structure with a commercial approach Endurans, believes in the philosophy of win-win and moves in this direction.</p>

<p id=”size1″ style=”font-size:15px;”>Improvement vision, talented, intelligent employment of staff, which has based on their continuity Endurans aims to be pioneer in the construction industry and a structure at leaders and the international.</p>



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He was born in 1982 in Samsun. Primary and secondary education was completed in this town again., after he had spent seven years in the Samsun Anatolian High School, have made ​​his way to Istanbul to attend college. He was graduated from Boğaziçi University Department of Civil Engineering. he gained a very different experience in the industry with his working life during university education. he have worked in different positions in many companies both Domestic and abroad. since 2010, he has served as project director manager at yapı teknik proje firm as a partner in a very prestigious project. Finally, as a founding partner of Endurans Construction companies, he wants to enlarge their vision with the company has rolled up its sleeves.